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About us

Welcome to our "About Us" page! As you correctly read, its "about us", that's you and CosmoQuest!

You are here as you are either looking for a dream to realize, a problem to solve or simply to grow.
And we are here to help and support you achieving that.

Great! Let's know more about "us"!

Our Vision

CosmoQuest aims to be a one-stop solution provider for:

  • businesses who are looking for a great website which showcases your products and services
  • helping your target audience find what they search in your website
  • converting your visitors into leads and subsequently to customers
  • doing digital marketing campaigns to reach out to your audience
  • helping your business grow :)

Our Mission

  • to reach out to small and medium businesses and make them aware of the benefits they can reap from the use of web and digital marketing in their business

How did we start?

CosmoQuest started as a single man consulting firm way back in 2002 when a software engineer got bored with the monotonous job life as he didn't have opportunity or platform to do more. He started with doing software projects for small businesses,

He had the vision to create a brand that helps a business grow, and to reach out hence the brand "CosmoQuest" came in to picture.

CosmoQuest started with doing software projects for small businesses, slowly had to hire a team, gained trust, people noticed and it grew steadily.

Who’s at the helm?

Shibaram is the Founder of CosmoQuest. He has a total experience of 16+ years of experience in working in software, web and digital marketing domain. View his profile

Our team and presence

Our team includes web designer, web developer, UI/UX experts, Digital Marketers spread across various locations in India. We believe in spending more on people rather than on rent!

What makes us special?

  • Our experience with working with startups, small to medium businesses, corporate
  • Ability to understand your goal better
  • We work as your extended team, rather than just a service provider

What do our customers say about us?

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