Website Growth Challenge – Zero to Success in 14 days

Zero To Success

Welcome to Website Growth Challenge – Zero to Success in 14 days!

Want an interactive website, with more traffic?

If your answer is Yes, then CHALLENGE YOURSELF – for an absolute growth of your website in just 14 days!

Do you own a website or want to create afresh? This 14 days plan will help you for sure.

Requirements to make the best of  this plan:

  1. A Website – of course 🙂
  2. Access to change content of your website (or have a web developer)
  3. Access to your Google analytics and webmaster tools (or your webmaster can be helpful)
  4. Minimum 30 minutes of engagement for this task.
  5. And the Last but Most important – Have a clear GOAL. Know your ultimate aim.

So are you ready for the Growth Challenge?

In the next 14 days, we will discuss each item in detail;  “The To-Do-Lists for achieving the Zero to Success Challenge”.

For the 100% result, the daily pathway on which we will focus is:

Day 00: Set your Goals right

Day 01: Where do I stand?

Day 02: Getting ready to be noticed

Day 03: Showing Off

Day 04: Socialize

Day 05: Invite Visitors

Day 06: Keep your scrapbook ready

Day 07: Add value to your website

Day 08: Getting Your Social Right

Day 09: Listen to your visitors

Day 10: Offer something new everytime they visit you

Day 11: Engage your visitors

Day 12: Ask for recommendations

Day 13: Review your website success

Day 14: Re-plan, set your new goals

And we promise, at the end of day 14, your website will be a much better place to visit by your visitors and it will be the most important tool for your business.

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